Saturday , May 25 2024

a Very Urgent Complaint 2 on the case of Mr. Alirza Farshi Yekenli to UN

Very Urgent

Dear Prof. Javid Rehman,

Dear all,

Further to our Complaint 2 on the case of Mr. Alirza Farshi Yekenli (علیرضا فرشی, where the name may be transcribed as Elirza Fershi yekenli), we have now an update for your urgent attention. He is a protagonist of the right to education in Azerbaijani Turkish. As such, his basic message is that of basic human rights. Instead of any positive progress, we regret to state that the Iranian authorities have neglected him and forced his condition to worsen by now, as follows.

Our authentic information is based on his telephone call to his family relatives, during which he informed that:

  • After taking his medicine his body shivers and goes through a shaking state. He remains in this state until he is able to consume some food.
  • His right hand has been feeling numb for the last few weeks and the prison medical care unit is not taking him seriously when he seeks for medical care.
  • He is suffering from diabetic conditions, his eyesight is impaired, his left eye is now infected when he was beaten up during the arrest on 8 January 2020.
  • His diet is not suitable for his medical condition.
  • He is now kept within the category of 18 political prisoners that are related to the Winter 2019 Petrol Price Protest. Whilst those 18 political prisoners are regarded as the banned prisoners and they are moved to among notorious prisoners, when they complain of their condition. However, Mr. Farshi is just a protagonist of the right to education in the mother language and it is inexplicable that he is being kept. He regards his prison block, as an inhospitable place

We hope you will regard this case with a great sensitivity and utmost urgency by urging the Iranian authorities to provide him with the appropriate medical care.

For and on behalf of ArcDH