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ArcDH Commences Consultancy in ECOSOC Council as an NGO

Our Ref: ArcDH /UN-EcoSoc/2021/10
Date: 2 September 2021
Announcement: ArcDH Commences Consultancy in ECOSOC Council as an NGO

We are pleased to announce that ArcDH has been appointed by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations as an NGO consultant. The application was made in 2014 but this was finally approved and confirmed this year. This opens a new chapter in the activities of ArcDH as it makes one more platform accessible towards making a representation on human rights and the sustainability of the people and nations. ArcDH hopes to be able to rely on your inputs as well and hence this announcement.

The UN goals on sustainable developments overarch the goals endured by ArcDH. We uphold the UN principles on sustainability and these cover inclusion, accountability, transparency, good governance. We are self-motivated to take on board the whole body of these principles and present reports, briefs and notes related to our part of the world under the UN credo of ‘think globally, act locally.”

We will strive to work with our professional partners including the UN team and any other groups working on the realization of human rights. Ahead of us are a wide range of opportunities and we need to consolidate our capabilities to make use of them to give both services to the UN program on ecological and social sustainability and to channel them for safeguarding the human rights of our nations. Now, we have the opportunity to take on board the broader issues and set an agenda for inclusive nations on their sustainability. We will avoid creating conflicts but are always ready to challenge the status quo.

Up to now, ArcDH has used the platforms organized by others to launch its activities. From now on, ArcDH will be able to organize such meetings formed by its own initiatives. This is where you can play your role, as ArcDH is keen on teamwork. You can join us or our consultants to help us compile our reports or run conferences.

ArcDH was formed in 2010 in France by a group of Azerbaijanis to defend the human rights of more than 30 million Azerbaijanis
. The registration was completed in the same year under the French legal provisions and frameworks.
Ahead of us are challenging times with massive uncertainties at the international and regional scales in a background where our people have a distinct voice but are not heard. So why not join us or collaborate with us towards a more sustainable future.

The sustainable future is ours.
Mrs. Jaleh Tabrizi