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General Protests in 2022

The December 2022 Update to:

Report: General Protests in 2022 and their Suppression by the Authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Update for December 2022 and the Role of Azerbaijanis Measurable by the Detainees


This is Update 5 of the above report on the protests  in Iran. While the protests are probably at their tail end, reprisals by the Iranian government against protesters are rising at a fast rate. The Update is in two parts: Part 1 submits the names and details in the course of December 2022; and Part 2 gives the Integrated cases. Their salient features are:

  • The Iranian government has at least been prosecuting more than 3,000 individuals in Azerbaijani provinces, but the real statistics can be even higher.
  • When the detainees are released in Azerbaijani provinces, almost all of them are done so on bail. This shows that the Iranian authorities are seeking desperately for normality in order to implement their reprisal acts against the protestors at large and gag Azerbaijani activists.
  • We have identified more than 100 names of individuals for the December 2022 period and previous months with some basic information about them. Their salient features include:
    • The detentions are attributed to at least 20 Azerbaijani cities
    •  10 Azerbaijani individuals at high risk of execution
    • Iranian authorities have already issued a total of 120 years of imprisonment to Azerbaijani individuals and activists as well as other deprivations from their human rights.
    • No details are available on the wounded individuals, as they avoid hospital which are being used by the Iranian authorities to trap protesters
  • The integrated information identified that more than 700 Azerbaijani individuals have been arrested, detained or are in the process of being prosecuted, nearly 400 of them in Tabriz
  • There are grave stories on torture and heinous inappropriate acts of rape against the detainees, which we are not at liberty to disclose them

The above are the best available information and material indicators that the nation of Azerbaijan in Azerbaijani provinces are keen in their destiny while the Iranian authorities have turned their lives into 43 years of turmoil.

Mrs. Jaleh Tabrizi

For and on Behalf of ArcDH