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Let us celebrate International Human Rights Day on December, 10th

On the occasion of 10 December 2022, the United Nations has chosen the motto “Dignity, Freedom, Justice for All” and has asked all human rights activists to focus their activities on the realization of this motto in the coming year.

During the past 44 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has violated freedom, justice and human dignity by establishing a system of all-around discrimination and laid the foundations of its government on the execution, imprisonment and torture of freedom-loving people. “Clerical caste” have rights and the rest of the people of Iran are deprived of even the most elementary rights.

Freedom-loving individuals and human rights activists, especially non-Persian nations in Iran are under systematic national oppression and multi-layered discrimination but their struggle has set the course to achieve equal rights, freedom and justice. International communities have become sensitive to the systemic violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic of Iran because there is a fear that the open oppression of 85 million peoples will cause an explosion and endanger global peace and security.

The extraordinary meeting of the Human Rights Council on 24 November 2022 is a historic outcome that human rights activists have always wanted. In that meeting, the formation of the “Fact-Finding Committee” was approved. This committee is an international legal authority that all victims of the injustices of the Islamic Republic of Iran can refer to and complain against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The investigations of this committee will be submitted to international courts and international courts can convict the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran by crimes against humanity. There is even a possibility that the United Nations Security Council will act on “humanitarian intervention” in Iran under Article 7 of the Security Council.

The Association for Human Rights of Azerbaijanis in Iran, Arcdh, celebrates the 10th  of December and announces in close cooperation with the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Fact-Finding Committee. At the same time, the Association endeavors to submit all cases of violations of the national and civil rights of the Iranian authorities against IraninAzerbaijanis to the Fact-Finding Committee with the necessary documents. Hoping for the day when we witness the realization of dignity, freedom, and justice for everyone.

The Association for Human Rights of Azerbaijanis in Iran, Arcdh

7 December 2022