Saturday , May 25 2024

Arc Association: IranianPolicies Threaten 15 Million  Azerbaijanis and Lead to Lake Urmia’s Demise”

During the 54th Session of the Human Rights Council on September 21, 2023, TheAssociation for Human Rights of Azerbaijanis in Iran #ArcDH  raised concerns about Iranian policies jeopardizing the lives of 15 million Azerbaijanis and contributing to the tragic demise of Lake Urmia. .

The scarcity of drinking water in villages has escalated conflicts, infringing upon Azerbaijani communities’ right to a sustainable environment and sparking widespread protests. Lake Urmia has suffered irreparable damage, with the looming threat of salt storms and the proposal of forced migration as the only solution.

Tragically, countless Azerbaijanis now face health issues, including respiratory diseases, eye irritation, and the alarming rise of lung and skin cancers, all as a consequence of Iran’s policies. The Azerbaijani people continue to endure suffering due to the devastating repercussions of these actions.